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ForestPunk is a 22 year old Emcee from Los Angeles,California. His unique and refreshing music is akin to artists like Lupe Fiasco, Blu and Eminem. His style blends deep thought-provoking social commentary, with cartoonish and clever flair. His subjects range from economic disparity and the hardships of the 90s generation, to aliens, marijuana and having fun being an Indie artist in the new millennium.

ForestPunk spent over 5 years in the L.A underground Poetry/Rap Scene as one of the most lyrical and energetic lights of this fresh wave of new artists. Aside from doing live shows and rap-battling, ForestPunk is also an aspiring actor, director and works with a group of fellow creatives called Mutant Academy.

ForestPunk has an electrifying live set, and an inspiring underdog spirit that exudes in everything he does. It’s only a matter of time before the world realizes that the next step in the evolution of Hip Hop and the world is ForestPunk!
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